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Love Sculpture - Forms And Feelings (1969) (UK)

Forms And Feelings 1969There is no doubt that Mr. Edmunds is a great guitar player, you just need to listen to the covers of classical music that he made: "Farandole" of Bizet "Mars" of Holst and "Sabre Dance" of Khachaturian. And when he decides to deal with blues, which is his natural style, is also very successful, like he does in Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me".In the rest of the album Dave Edmunds uses effectively known resources to include in his songs. So you will find lots of Beatles musical phrases, vocal arrangements and recording techniques distributed along the tracks. Just an example: pay attention to the similitude in the beginning of "Why (How Now)" with "I Want To Tell You", and the use of delayed tapes in the same track.

1. In The Land Of The Few
2. Seagull
3. Nobody's Talking
4. Why
5. Farandole
6. You Can't Catch Me
7. People People
8. Mars
9. Sabre Dance
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